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Sweet Continued

The interaction between the fermented grain, area of origin length of distillation and nature of the barrel is what gives whiskies distinct flavour profiles. Scotch whiskies aren’t necessarily renowned for their sweetness, but American whiskey and bourbon are.

The way that whiskey and bourbon are distilled is not wholly different, however, the fundamental difference in taste is apparent to even the most novice whiskey drinker. Perhaps a more accurate description of the taste of American whiskey and bourbon is ‘fruity and floral.’ Yet, what is apparent is that whiskey and bourbon each have their own bespoke identity.

Though indicative of a sweet and fruity flavour, it’s not just American whiskey and bourbon from Kentucky that has strong contextual flavours of tropical fruit enriched with vanilla. This flavour profile serves to only enhance the sweetness and bring out a textured flavour of whiskey and bourbon as opposed to a smoky, salty, nutty or peated flavour made famous by Scotch whiskies.

Simply put, the sweetness of American whiskey and bourbon, Scotch whiskies or whiskies from across the globe is as much about the character of the whiskey as it is the distillation process. Lemon and chocolate flavours can be partnered with butterscotch, brioche or citrus flavourings to create an American whiskey or bourbon which delivers a layered sweetness with every dram.

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