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Spicy Continued

Known to be economical with peat and lavish with nutty and fruit flavours, Speyside malts feature apple, pear, honey, vanilla – and most importantly spice flavouring. Amongst the more prominent spice Scotch whisky malts is Kilkerran and Glen Scotia. Befriending light and grassy palates, these Scotch whiskies are indicative of the Cambeltown region, quenching the cravings of whisky devotees across Scotland – and around the world.

Guaiacol is what gives whisky its spicy flavour. Guaiacol adds that smoky, peaty flavour that’s so admired by devotees of spicy whiskies. In its chemical composition, it isn’t entirely dissimilar to other whisky aroma compounds. These include vanillin and limonene – the compounds that give whiskies their vanilla and citrus aromas and flavours.

Some of the more favoured spicy whiskies include Springbank 10-year old whisky and Balvenie. Aged for 10 and 12 years respectively, the character of Springbank and Balvenie may differ, however, each has its own individual identity.

A prolonged maturation brings a depth and fullness of flavour which is complemented by the maturation in sherry oak and traditional oak whisky casks. This gives each of these two whiskies a bold and balanced expression, rich finish and distinct character.

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