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Highland Park Whiskies Continued

The distillery has built up strong traditions in whisky making and has won multiple accolades and awards for their produce. Highland Park distillery celebrates their own commitments to craft, tradition and to doing things their own way, just like their Viking forefathers did with a fierce independence.

Cattie Maggie’s spring which is located on the island near the distillery is the water source used in the production of the distillery’s whisky. The pure water from the spring has been used for generations at the distillery and has an influence on the overall taste of the malt. Most of the malt produced at the distillery is bottled, however as with many distillery’s, some is used in the production of blends.

Highland Park produces a core range of malts and through-out the year, release several limited releases and specialist ranges. The distillery still has a traditional malting floor, when ready, the barley is placed in the distillery’s kilns to begin the peating process which goes on to give Highland Park whisky its aromatic and characteristic flavours.

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