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Highland Continued

Highland whiskies combine distinctly aromatic and tantalising flavours. Combining a subtle fruit cake and dried fruit taste with a distinct smoky oak and malt flavour, infusing aromatic heather and smoke, Highland whiskies are at once bold, delicate, subtle and forthright.

Whiskey connoisseurs craving the scotch whiskey experience and a quintessential flavour profile are immeasurably drawn to whiskies of the Highlands. From the fertile east coast to the rugged west, The Highlands boasts a diverse range of distillery styles. Light and grassy flavours are contrasted by heavily sherried whiskies sure to appeal to even the most discerning palate.

Regional Distilleries

The contrasting flavour of Highland whiskey is testament to the diverse regional distilleries. There are 30 distilleries in the Highlands, each distinguished by the unique flavour’s indicative of the region.

The North

The eastern coastline north of Inverness is a prime location for whisky individuality. Here you’ll discover medium-weight spirits with a hint of brine, but, most notably, the region is synonymous with the lightly fragrant spice of Glenmorangie, the rich complexity of Dalmore and the uniquely waxy Clyneish.

The South

The south is a microcosm of diversity. The multi-faceted and rebellious Loch Lomond is contrasted by the grassy Glengoyne. The fragrant and nutty Tullibardine is juxtaposed by the evolving bodily character of Deanston. Rich, conflicting flavours abound across the whole of the south.

The East

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the east offers its own contrasting single malt scotch whiskey. Wildly different distilleries, from Glendronach and Glenglassaugh to the more austere, smokier Glen Garioch and Ardmore create exquisitely aromatic scotch whiskeys admired across the land.

The West

Venture to the west along the serpentine curves of Scotland’s Hebridean coast and you’ll find distilleries distinctly sparse on the landscape. However, Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan Distillery – the most westerly on the mainland – looks set to reinvigorate the region with their unique blend of rich whiskies. Two distilleries, Oban and Ben Nevis concoct maritime fruitiness and muscly spiciness for a varied and tantalising flavour.

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