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Cask Strenght Continued

Though more expensive to produce than diluted whisky and less palatable to consumers, with the statutory alcoholic requirement in most countries in the world being 40%, cask strength whisky has nonetheless garnered a dedicated global following, with whisky drinkers appreciating its rich flavour, sharp aroma, and bold drinking experience.

Contrary to popular opinion, cask strength single malt whisky does not contain the highest alcoholic proof. That distinction goes to still strength whisky which typically has a proof level of 70% ABV. The experience of sipping dram is something that every ardent whisky enthusiast should experience. Often cited as being comparable to sipping the spirt right from the barrel with a straw, it offers the purest whisky experience one can have.

Cask strength whiskies are particularly prevalent amongst the peat-rich Scotch distilleries. However, not to be outdone, distilleries around the world have distilled their own cask strength single malt whisky affording whisky devotees much opportunity to sample a bountiful range of the purest whisky flavours that they’re every likely to sip.

Leading whisky brands, including Bowmore, The Macallan, Willowbank, Glengoyne and Laphroaig are famed for distilling some of the most richly-rewarding and densely-flavoured cask strength single malt whisky.

Anyone wishing to expand their palate could also try a sip of Irish cask strength whiskey or indulge in a little tipple of cask strength gin, rum, cognac or bourbon.

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