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Caol ila Whiskies Continued

Caol ila is classed as one of the lighter whiskies to be produced on Islay. Both peated and un-peated whiskies are produced at the distillery which have been used in many blends over the years. In the last decade Caol ila whisky has grown in popularity as a single malt in its own right and in 1972 the distillery was demolished and re-built so that the new distillery could handle the rising demand.

Whisky from this distillery is known for its distinctive character, the traditional peaty flavours of Islay are complemented by floral and sometimes even peppery notes. Peat is cut from mosslands on the island which gives all Islay malts a distinctive flavour known and loved the world over.

Since its opening the distillery has changed hands several times, however production has been consistent and the distillery has been known to produce large quantities of whisky each year. The distillery is currently owned and operated by Diageo.

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