'Farewell to the Teens' Cocktail List

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and what better way to celebrate in the new year than by taking a look back at the events that shaped the past 10 years. In a world of information overload, we’ve tried to take a look back at the stories which really resonated with us the most in each year of the teens.

Once we had our list of events, we chose to immortalise them in an all-encompassing, ‘farewell to the teens’ cocktail list so you and your party guests can reminisce about those moments in history and how nothing else seemed to matter at the time.

We’ve chosen stories which were typically the most searched in their respective year while still trying to keep the list upbeat and respectful so you can enjoy yourself in 2020 remembering all the fun we’ve had in the 2010s. Our selection features some of the most memorable, once-in-a-lifetime events filled with nostalgia, some with positives feelings and some with negative to draw the decade to a close and anticipate what will happen to the world in the next 10 years.


2010 - The Volcanic Ash Cloud

2011 - The Royal Wedding

2012 - Stop Kony 2012

2013 - The New Pope

2014 - The Ice Bucket Challenge

2015 - The Colour-Changing Dress

2016 - US Election & UK Referendum

2017 - The Solar Eclipse

2018 - Black Panther

2019 - The Game of Thrones Finale

2010 – The Volcanic Ash Cloud

In April 2010, a volcanic eruption in Iceland from the peak of Eyjafjallajokull brought half the world to a standstill as flights across Europe were grounded. Holiday-makers everywhere were stranded for a week until the ash cloud dissipated and normal flight routes were reopened.

2010 was filled with impactful news stories, including the 33 trapped Chilean miners and one of the worst oil spills in history on the Deepwater Horizon Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. However, ultimately, it was the ash cloud that had everybody talking the most.

Ashcloud Sour

Combining fiery with frothy, this cocktail is a definite no-fly zone for the faint-hearted.

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice and shake vigorously.

2011 – The Royal Wedding

Following their engagement late in 2010, the UK’s Prince William married fiancée Catherine Middleton, ushering in a new generation of royals who would go on to bring some much-needed modernisation to the Windsor family. Now three children down, the world came together to watch the pair tie the knot in a ceremony that reportedly cost £23.7 million.

Other stories that shaped 2011 include the death of terror leader Osama bin Laden and the Greek financial crisis which hinted at further collapses through the Eurozone. The fact that Wills and Kate were searched far more than either of these two world-shaking stories shows the power of positive feelings in times of distress.

Royal Celebration

A classy cocktail which draws on the quintessentially British for a sweet celebration.

Muddle strawberries and add liqueur before filling the glass with champagne.

Eton Sesh (chaser)

Dip the rim of a shot glass in Amarula and add sprinkles. Combine Amarula and liqueur as instructed.


2012 – Stop Kony

Few can forget the power of one of the first truly viral videos in internet history. The Kony 2012 campaign, produced by charity Invisible Children, Inc. aimed to raise awareness of the human rights violations of Ugandan war leader Joseph Kony. The subject of major press attention, celebrity support and social media discussion, the short documentary has been watched over 102 million times as of July 2019.

2012 was also the year Obama was re-elected for his second term, and Malala Yousafzai, inspiration to an entire generation of young girls survived an attack by the Taliban. For its pure viral prowess, Kony 2012 came out on top this year.

Kony Zombie

Credited for breaking down something highly complex into something digestible, we’ve taken a riff on the classic Zombie and filled this drink with as many types of rum as we could think of.

2013 – The New Pope

When Pope Benedict XVI stood down from the role in 2013, he was the first pope to do so in nearly 600 years. The world then waited to see who would replace him. Pope Francis was chosen, becoming the first non-European pope since the 8th century and the first ever from the Americas.

Unsurprisingly, the main volume of UK searches for this story came from Ireland, allowing the story to beat out other contenders such as the death of Margaret Thatcher, the Murdoch phone hacking scandal and the Findus horsemeat scandal.

The Fancy Francis

Celebrate the pope with this nod to the Vatican City and the time-honoured Catholic tradition of drinking wine (papal insignia optional).

2014 – The Ice Bucket Challenge

Another viral campaign for the history books, few have ever captured the world’s attention like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Initially created to raise awareness and money for Motor Neuron Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The challenge was completed by celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Cara Delevigne, Taylor Swift and the Beckhams and was shared thousands of times on social media.

The Ice Bucket Challenge stood out above the Scottish Independence referendum, the Sochi Winter Olympics and the tragic death of Robin Williams. Double this cocktail up with a donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association for extra points!

Anthony’s Daiquiri

This cocktail combines a quick, refreshing shock and a fresh frozen drink to wash it down with.

Place the shot in the centre of the glass before pouring in the frozen daiquiri mixture.

For the best frozen daiquiri consistency, fill the blender with ingredients then fill with ice so that the ice adds 1/5th the volume. E.g. with 80ml of liquid, the ice should hit the 100ml line.

2015 – The Colour-Changing Dress

Who could forget one of the most divisive pictures of modern history? The colour-changing dress (simply known as ‘The Dress’ in its official Wikipedia entry) broke the record for concurrent visitors at Buzzfeed where it gained most of its fame. The Dress was an eye-opening dispute into the human perception of colours which also prompted several peer-reviewed science papers on the subject.

The dress was more talked about than the FIFA executives’ scandal, the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US and the end of One Direction.

The White or Blue

Settle the debate with this blue and gold cocktail that’s sure to satisfy everyone, no matter what colours they see.

To create the perfect colour split, fill the glass with ice and pour the Fanta to the halfway point. After mixing all the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker, slowly pour the contents onto the floating, exposed ice.

2016 – The US Election and the UK Referendum

We couldn’t decide between these two ground-breaking events, so we figured they could share the stage. First, the UK voted 52/48 to leave the European Union; then, white horse candidate Hillary Clinton was bested by Donald Trump in the electoral college. Both results have left marks on the political landscape of the West which are still being felt today. As impeachment edges closer and the UK has passed its third ‘official’ Brexit deadline, the events of 2016 were truly history in the making – who knows what impact they’ll have over the next 10 years?

The Cambridge Bramble

A cocktail created in London from the UK’s favourite spirit – with some ‘Russian Interference’.

The Russian Summertide

Featuring America’s much-loved bourbon with some help from the Kremlin.

2017 – The Solar Eclipse

When it felt like life had been completely tipped on its head, there was more to come in 2017. Some of the stand-out stories from this year included the rise of the #MeToo movement, the Grenfell fire and several terrorist attacks in the US and the UK. Though Grenfell drew more searches this year, out of respect for the tragedy, we chose the second-ranking solar eclipse for a more celebratory memory of 2017.

The Sunrise

Warm and comforting – a hint of the tropics on a cold winter’s night.

The Eclipse

Don’t look directly at it!

2018 – Black Panther

2018 was filled with stories and scandals that had the world talking. From the emergence of Extinction Rebellion and their week-long global climate protests to data company Cambridge Analytica becoming embroiled in major data privacy scandals relating to the UK and US votes of 2016.

However, the event we were most occupied by was the release of Marvel’s Black Panther. The film is the highest-grossing superhero movie and the first Oscar winner for Marvel Studios. The film made history in many ways, earning three Oscars overall, with costume designer Ruth Carter and production designer Hannah Beachler becoming the first African American women to win in their respective categories.

The Black Panther

A nod to the protagonist and antagonist of the film, this tropical mix is fit for a king.

Muddle blackberries in the tumbler and serve on the rocks.

2019 – Game of Thrones

Though the year has yet to be wrapped, there can be little doubt that the final season of Game of Thrones was a much-talked-about cultural event this year. As fans worldwide tuned in for the climax of the show, fans’ hopes for their favourite characters’ storylines were high.

Unfortunately, after eight seasons of hype, the final season did not go down well with fans - every one of the five lowest-rated episodes on IMDB comes from season 8. In a series that shaped our cultural conversation for years and has left an indelible mark on television, the UK found a lot to talk about on the subject in 2019.

The Queen in the North

A reference to the final scene of the series where Sansa Stark finally gets her crown, enjoy this hot concoction with your preferred direwolf or dragon.

Heat in a saucepan below boiling point.

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